Muliebrity: Qualities of a Woman


Muliebrity: myü-IE-’e-br&-tE (n.): The state of being a woman; the qualities characteristic of women; possessing full womanly powers.

In short, muliebrity is to a woman what virility is to a man.

This is not only the title to Joni Arredia’s debut book. It is also an apt description of the author herself – a concept that she embodies and explores with every new adventure her life offers. With her books, Joni passes this learning on to readers around the world.

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“If you want to master the qualities of being a woman with confidence, verve and vitality, read this book.”

—Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Many women grapple with a host of difficult questions: What impact can we have on our future? Why do we settle for less, continually making excuses? How can we package ourselves for success?

In Muliebrity: Qualities of a Woman, author Joni Arredia inspires her readers to confront these challenges – to discover happiness in the midst of adversity. Through personal testimony and persistent encouragement, this book explores the adventures of womanhood and provides constructive steps for enhancing strength, kindness, and health.

But Joni’s own path to perseverance has not been an easy one. In Muliebrity, the author shares her own inspiring journey from despair to joyfulness. The voyage is full of bumps and bruises, but the outcome is ultimately heartwarming. With refreshing honesty, this uplifting story explores the poignant details of one woman’s life: the tribulations, the love, and the laughter.

Whatever your struggle, however deep your wound, you will find empathy and hope in the pages of this book.



Discipline: Your Best Friend

Okay. You’ve just read the title of this chapter, and you’re thinking to yourself, “I was with her right up until now. But I can’t take one more person telling me that if I just got up a little earlier, did a little more, tried a little harder, I could have it all.”

Good! I’m glad if that’s what you think. Because I’m not talking about the Super Woman-you-can-have-it-all-including-a-nervous-breakdown rubbish to many of us bought in the Seventies and Eighties. When I say discipline, I’m not talking about doing more or working harder.

By discipline, I mean doing more of what gets us to our dreams, less of what doesn’t. Working smarter, not harder. Moderation, if you will . . .

Let me explain something here. Most of us can handle tons of stuff – after all, we’re women – as long as we feel it’s contributing to making our dreams come true. Think about it. When you’re doing something you truly enjoy, can’t you stick with it for hours and not tire? Most of us also realize that there are some things in life, like cleaning toilets, that we may not be crazy about doing, but that have to be done, and we can adjust to that.

It’s the truly non-essential stuff that isn’t getting us to our dreams that turns us into whining complainers. We’ve lost our balance, our equilibrium: the non-essentials have become too weighty, and they’re throwing our entire life off kilter: we’re doing too much that drains us, and not enough that enriches us. And we react to that unbalanced state of whining.

So from now on, when we hear ourselves use that awful tone of voice, or realize that people who count aren’t paying attention to what we’re saying anymore, lets make a pact to “control” our behavior and stop whining. Then we should take a look at our lives, see where we’re getting weighed down, and decide what needs to be rearranged or has to go.

So discipline can help us contend with our busy schedules, because it helps us focus on what’s important, and teaches us when to push and when to pull back on what we’re doing. It helps us maintain our balance . . .

Moderation. How I love that word! It’s not all or nothing. Don’t believe that. Let’s adopt a new motto: “It’s moderation and everything!”

Deprivation is negative. Rigid schedules stifle us. So let’s keep a little bit of everything in our lives. Let’s do something on the spur of the moment: it’s rejuvenating to be off your schedule for a while. When we mix it all up, it’s fun and goofy and we get a fresh outlook on the everyday things of life.



“Joni’s journey to happiness and fulfillment is a must-read for every woman. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. Most important, it will make you think.”
—Judy Sheppard Missett, Founder of Jazzercise

“I loved your book, Muliebrity: Qualities of a Woman. As I told the ladies at Barnes & Noble, I read it standing up waiting for my bagel to pop out of the toaster! I couldn’t put it down.”
—Anonymous reader, Toledo, OH

“What an incredible surprise in my mailbox, Muliebrity: Qualities of a Woman! Truly, I could not put the book down. And Joni, it’s incredible. It is so polished and refined, easy to read, but extremely thought provoking. Your hard work and dedication is so obvious – it’s exhilarating to say the least.”
—Anonymous reader, Denver, CO

“Every man should read your book, Muliebrity. I picked it up and could not put it down. Read it from cover to cover and plan to read it again. Truly, if a man needs to know a woman, he should read this book.”
—Anonymous reader, Naples, FL

“It has been too long to write this to you, but it did not take too long to read your books. Thank You! I have read quite a few self-help, inspirational books and found Muliebrity to be inspirational.”
—Anonymous reader

“Your book really has the ability to help change and improve the lives of all who have the chance to read it.”
—Anonymous reader, Fort Worth, TX


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