Resurfacing…coming up for air. It’s precisely what I am doing today after loads of healing for myself and others. Whoowee….

Another gentle reminder, with health the skies the limited.

With health, we can make new positive habits and find the discipline to keep them.

With health we’re kinder.

Please forgive my blog disappearance. It’s a disciplined habit I am now ready to make. Why? I am back to being healthy. Hip replacements are no walk in the park. ¬†Dancing will become part of my lifestyle once again.

So speaking of resurfacing, I am on a train right now to Springfield, IL to hear a reading of the short play, RESURFACING I co-wrote with Emily Vajda Tereshko and produced in Chicago in 2011. It will be staged at the University of Illinois thru their theatre department, as well as, the University’s Women’s Center.

It’s resurfacing!

Here’s my wish for all of you: this spring also brings you a sense of resurfacing. It’s healing, it’s green, it’s fresh and it makes us hopeful.

Your thoughts produce your actions, let’s keep them full of love and goodness.

J xo











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