Oscar Nominated “Room”


Last Saturday I enjoyed one of my favorite activities, a movie matinee. Whether by yourself or with a friend, movies are a wonderful escape and a great way to turn off and unplug.  It’s heavenly isn’t it?

Often times we go to a movie with the hope of being entertained. Sometimes we choose a movie without any knowledge of the plot, a random pick, or we are kindly invited, as I was and graciously accept.

Okay so here’s the deal, I saw “Room” and by the end I was moved to a sobbing, sniveling, sad mess. All I wanted to do, and did do was pray for our children around the globe. Our fragile children who are kidnapped and kept in hiding amongst other atrocities, against their will. Thank God this movie ended with an escape for the kidnapped teenager and her child conceived through rape.  Honestly, we all know it doesn’t always end as well.

It’s a dangerous world, but it can be beautiful, right? Let’s begin with ourselves and make our world a more beautiful place of safety and goodness for all.

You are worth having the best life has to offer, believe it. Let’s do everything we can to keep children believing in goodness.

My next movie will be a comedy that is so funny it brings me to happy tears.

Timing is a precious gift and humility is a powerful muscle.

You have my love






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  1. We deielftiny need more smart people like you around.

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