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Joni’s objective in this series is to help your associates discover — or rediscover — their inner beauty, then translate it into an “outer edge” of dignity and integrity. In the process, she rekindles your associates’ excitement about life, helping them bring new energy and purpose to their personal and professional endeavors.

  1. Put a Smile on Your Attitude: Joni explains the impact of a simple smile on the lives of others.
  2. Practice What You Preach
  3. Serve to Empower Others
  4. Act on Your Intuition
  5. Discover Your Best Friend: Discipline
  6. Be Fanatic About Moderation
  7. Make a Smart Move Every Day: Most people give assent to the fact that exercise has both mental and physical benefits. But Joni’s unique spin on the subject makes them true believers.
  8. Climb Every Mountain
  9. Wrap Your Package Beautifully
  10. Have Faith in a Higher Power

In this program, Joni focuses on effective ways to bolster our faltering egos and emotions by tuning into a higher power. She urges audiences to “do unto others” in practical ways and embrace the wonder of life.

  1. Unconditional Love: Unconditional love creates a sense of security that frees us to explore new ideas without fear of condemnation, leading to greater success in personal and professional relationships.
  2. Hope in the Darkness
  3. Seeing the Good in Others
  4. The Strength to Make a Difference
  5. A Gentle Heart
  6. The Power of Forgiveness: The failure to forgive can entrap people in “victimhood.” Once a victim herself, Joni unlocks the power of forgiveness and recalls the strength it has given her to live a happy, productive life.

Studies show that change – even good change – induces fear in most people. Joni teaches us how to view change as opportunity for success. A dozen reasons to welcome change into your life:

  1. You Have Nothing to Fear but Fear of Change Itself
  2. The Demands of Change Put You in Demand
  3. Change Is Cutting Edge: You Lead or You Bleed
  4. Try It. You’ll Like It.
  5. Spit-Shined and Polished
  6. A New Perspective
    Sometimes change isn’t radical. It can be as simple as looking at old ideas in a new way and then making them happen.
  7. Brilliant Innovation: Change, Wearing a $1000 Suit
  8. Be the First on Your Block
  9. Her Story—or History!
  10. The Ultimate Survival Skill
  11. What Should Change & What Shouldn’t
  12. The Best Cure for Burnout

Are your employees losing their edge? Has their enthusiasm faded? Joni can help them by helping you, the employer, recall your days as an employee. She will help you translate your experiences into a practical methodology for fostering individual dedication and congenial teamwork in the workplace. The result? Improved creativity, enhanced productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

  1. Value Their Opinions
  2. Toil in the Trenches: Joni outlines the importance of a hands-on, we’re-in-this-together management philosophy.
  3. Praise Early and Often
  4. Say Thanks When They Least Expect It
  5. Practice Family Flexibility: Smart companies recognize the importance of employees’ personal lives. Joni sketches a portrait of the successful, family-friendly firm, and the resulting employee loyalty that can add significantly to its bottom line.
  6. Go One-on-One
  7. Walk Your Talk
  8. Have 4-Season Fun
  9. If You Wouldn’t Do It, Don’t Ask Them To

It’s inner beauty for the outer edge. Joni discusses the value of positive thinking and the reward of finding the stunning you that is there for the taking.

  1. Goodness Thinking
  2. Posture Is an Attitude
  3. Trash Excuses: Excuses are a sign of weakness, and that weakness translates into slumped posture and nervous gestures.
  4. Believe in Your Style
  5. Have Fun: It’s contagious. It magnifies everything we do and puts a bounce in our step.
  6. Redesigning Outer Beauty
  7. Mirror Talk/Take a Look
  8. Hold that Smile: Undoubtedly the most inexpensive, luxurious accessory we own.
  9. External Reaction Is Honest. Pay Attention.
  10. Walk with a Purpose

In this program, Joni explores the pitfalls of the natural temptations that every teen endures. With the refreshing sort of honesty that can only come from experience, she inspires her audiences to make better choices.

  1. Believe in Yourself. Believe in Your Dreams: Having a dream means hitching our wagon to a star. And sometimes, it’s all we have to motivate us.
  2. Live Deliberately: Make your life happen instead of allowing it to happen to you.
  3. Alibis: the Great Temptation
  4. You Can Only Have Sex for the First Time Once

In this program, Joni lets audiences in on a little-known secret: one of the best ways to improve quality of home and work life is to make our children the #1 priority. Children who come first in their parents’ lives grow up secure, happy, and well-adjusted, and that means less guilt and family conflict for working parents.

  1. Stop, Look, Listen
  2. Trust Their Brain Power
  3. Remember When: Parents who deliberately keep in touch with their own childhood are more approachable and in tune with their children’s feelings—and less likely to render “pre-fabricated” solutions to their kids’ problems.
  4. Lighten Up. Laugh Often.
  5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  6. Safety Rules: Stay Firm
  7. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Want a sure-fire way to erase humor from life and lose sight of what’s really important? Nitpick the details.
  8. Hug, Kiss, Play. Day to Day.
  9. They’re Interested? You’re Interested.
  10. Unplug and Plug In

We’ve all been on this roller coaster. It’s a wild ride, and this program is where you learn to operate the controls. Joni’s goal is to help teens lose the fear and gain the confidence.

  1. Focus on Your Strengths and Your Talents
  2. Make More of Your Own Choices
  3. Moderation and Everything: Lose the obsession and gain the self-control. Who says we can’t have it all?
  4. Yeah right…Discipline as My Best Friend?



The fee range quoted here is a general guideline useful in helping you narrow your search. It does not represent Joni’s negotiating point, but rather indicates that her fee falls somewhere within this range.

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